About Us

Aaron Goss aaron@carolinamalt.com

Aaron is Carolina Malt House’s chief maltster. He began the journey from beer lover to maltster in about 2007 with his earliest experiments in home brewing, as a creative outlet while obtaining his law degree and MBA from Wake Forest University. The hobby stuck through two more years of school and five years as a class action civil litigator, and Aaron progressed through extract brewing to mashing his own grain to growing his own hops and re-using yeast to malting his own grain, until he understood the whole process from dirt and microbes to pint glass. Aaron stopped practicing law after several years of working with a very talented team, deciding he would rather spend his life making a physical product like malt that others could experience and enjoy.

Aaron was able to enter the working world at age 16 with a college degree in computer programming already under his belt, and his diverse background includes electrical wiring, laying data cable, designing and building computers, plumbing, writing accounting software, programming an integrated development environment, database administration, client/server Web architecture, and legal work ranging from federal criminal prosecution to landlord/tenant disputes in New York to financial fraud class actions in Florida to property nuisance lawsuits in the eastern North Carolina countryside. He is excited to bring these experiences to bear in building a malt house and helping North Carolina’s craft brewers create top-notch, truly local beer.

Steve Bauk steve@carolinamalt.com

Steve brings to Carolina Malt experience in marketing, sales, and distribution. After college, Steve joined his family’s business, Piedmont Cheerwine Bottling Co., as an Administrative Assistant at the Colfax (NC) branch. At Cheerwine, Steve acted as a liaison for the corporate office and was instrumental in implementing a new inventory and order management software. He trained employees at each level to foster a smooth transition to the new system. During his time with the company, the Colfax branch – the largest of the company – saw a net reduction in shrinkage (lost, damaged, or stolen product) of about 75%.

Steve left Cheerwine after enrolling in UNC-Greensboro’s M.S. Information Technology and Management program. While pursuing his Master’s degree, Steve accepted a teaching position at Forsyth Country Day School in Lewisville, NC. Steve and Aaron worked together on a mobile application, which they released in July of 2013. Steve is passionate about beer and hopes to further develop North Carolina’s brewing industry by supplying quality, local malted grains.